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Abigail Brambila
Class of 2018
Short Stop

About The Team

A Tradition of Winning Since 2001


To develop a winning team and winning team players through personal discipline, positive attitude and fundamental training. We will provide the training necessary to play at the highest level. We will build confidence and positive attitudes within our players. All Panther players are committed to seeking and securing a four year college degree. The Panther organization is committed to assisting each Combat Panther player in securing a four year College Degree.

Who are Panthers:

The Southern California Panthers Athletic Club is based in Newbury Park, California and began in 2003. The Panther organization is committed to producing the finest fastpitch softball teams in the California area while teaching sound fundamental skills and maintaining high educational standards. Our teams are highly respected, well coached, have community support and have positive parent participation. Our teams are highly visible throughout Southern California, playing on weekends against the top teams in California and in the most competitive tournaments throughout the year.

What does the Panther program do for their players:

All Panther players must be committed to graduating from college with a four year degree. Softball is a tool they can use to obtain that goal. To that end, the Panthers program offers the finest softball training in Southern California. Our players are required to submit monthly academic reports, attend weekly study halls, attend our SAT and ACT prep classes (where applicable), and provide the staff with quarterly class schedules and transcripts.

What we look for in prospective players:

We are looking for the best athletes who are willing to work hard and dedicate themselves toward achieving their potential. The Panthers staff only looks for those serious athletes who place an emphasis on developing their skills with a championship caliber team. We are only looking for those committed players and families willing to work hard and dedicate themselves to winning at Gold Nationals.

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    Short Stop

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